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The TJ Robinson Life Center

From where we began to where we are now, it all started with a dream and a desire to help people, to be an impactful part of our community and the lives of individuals that needed a helping hand. 

It's funny how a little inspiration can change how effective the determination of an individual can be, how a little bit of dedication, discipline and sense of direction can lead to success, especially in our youth and young adults and this is where it all started.

Thurston Robinson, fondly known as Coach Rob, saw the benefit of being a part of lives, being involved in lives, especially those in need the most. With a desire of bringing kindness and inspiration to people, both Coach Rob and his wife Charlotte decided to be the change they wanted to see in their community and in the lives of the people all around them, this is where the idea of The TJ Robinson Live Center was formed. 

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About Thurston & Charlotte

Both Thurston and Mrs. Charlotte Robinson are veterans that proudly served in the United States Military.

With honorable discharges, Coach Rob and Charlotte settled in North Carolina, creating a place they call home in Hope Mills.

Disabled during their time in duty, their motivations have never faltered, in fact, their desires and motivations were amplified and they both found a purpose in helping others, inspired by the young people in the community.

Engagement is always the key, to engage and to inspire. These are key factors that influences the actions, mindsets and relativity of what we call childhood. Children need to be engaged, inspired and continuously reenforced with positive values and morals so they may continue on a path that leads to success. 

Thurston found that medium in sports and how sports is used to not only engage people but how to get people involved as a community as they rally around their favorite teams and players resulting in kids using their time to develop not only skills on the courts and fields but to develop healthy ways of interaction, expression, communication and inspiration to be/do better.

Charlotte saw the benefits of the engagement of these young people as a way to establish better communication between children and adults and how this form of engagement developed not only skills but trust and values between children, their peers, interaction with their coach and involvement of their parents, guardians and even their community.

Together, both Coach Rob and Charlotte found the perfect means of community and engagement from that community to establish a foundation that is now, The TJ Robinson Life Center.


Charlotte Robinson & Son on Ribbon Cutting Day at The TJ Robinson Life Center

About The

TJ Robinson Life Center

The TJ Robinson Life Center officially opened its doors on April 12th, 2022 after years of planning and construction and was received with excitement from the general population, the TJR community, staff and officials with the highest expectations of success and absolute support from everyone involved.

After years of planning, acquisitions, fund raising & development, Thurston and Charlotte braved through all obstacles, surpassed all expectations and truly founded a life changing institution in Hope Mills.

The TJ Robinson Life Center is not just a building but an landmark for hope, inspiration and change in our community, a haven for those in need and those who would like to help others and be a part of a community dedicated to being a beacon of hope.


TJ Robinson Life Center

Facilities and Features


The TJ Robinson Life Center located in Hope Mills, North Carolina is multi-sport fitness gymnasium fully equipped with 5 full basketball courts than can be converted to 9 volleyball courts where either 5 basketball games or 9 volleyball games or 18 Pickleball games  can be played simultaneously. 

The TJ Robinson Life Center is equipped with a full commercial kitchen, indoor track, merch shop, community barbershop where our local entrepreneurs offer haircuts on the house, professional massage rooms with heated table and cold treatment areas, sport aid circulation/ wrap service center, a full cafeteria, conference rooms available for training, conferences and events, as mentioned before, 5 regulation size basketball courts, an official NBA certified court, community showers, stadium style seating and an equipped gym and training room with membership availability. 


Book an event at The TJ Robinson Life Center

Need a venue for an event, conference, training, seminar, a sports event or any event, ceremony or celebration imaginable? Book your venue with The TJ Robinson Life Center.

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