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Check out the TJ Robinson Blog for news about our center, our development, current causes and current community issues and concerns. You can also subscribe to our monthly news letter.

TJR Causes


Check our the programs we've launched and programs in development. Be a part of that development as we continue to grow and provide for our community and its members.

TJR Events


Take a look at our events and event bookings all throughout the each month. You can support events by becoming a part of that event or by booking your own with us!

Why Donate?

Donations can have any number of reasons, whether it is simply to support a good cause, the desire to give back to your community or to continuously support a foundation that is constantly building, creating and inspiring its community by bringing people together that cares and utilizing its assets to make real change. 

This is exactly why The TJ Robinson Life Center was established; to bring real change to our community and to be the change we want to see in the everyday life of our members, volunteers, neighbors and those in need of our projects, causes and services.

We dedicate ourselves, our time, our efforts and our skills to helping those who need it the most, from children and young adults to veterans and seniors. We all have needed assistance at one point or the other in our lives, we stive to be present when we are needed.


Aiding Our Community

The TJ Robinsion Life Center was established based on the idea of aid. Aiding our veterans, aiding our children, aiding our single mothers, aiding our single fathers, aiding our seniors, basically aiding those in need who need us the most. 

As a life center, we aid our community by offering support, by being the kindness we would like to see in the world, by being a solution when life throws curve balls, when someone falling back can depend on someone being there to catch them.

We have seen the struggle, first hand, through experiences, through being present in situations, by living the experience ourselves and understanding the lessons taught behind those experience and not being able to just be a spectator when we could be a difference.

We prefer being that difference, we just cannot be a bystander. 

Building A Community

Inspire. This is a word that is the foundation of what we do. We inspire and bring inspiration to those who want to make be a difference, be involved and most of all be present.

We don't only come together as a community, we come together as a family, a true unit of people from all walks of life, races, and lifestyles that care... that love... that supports. An engaged and involved community that can provide, that can assess and resolve issues, working together to bring just a little more happiness, motivation and peace.

We do what we do to bring substance to a world that needs something to fight for and we march along, side by side with our community to truly be that very difference that could change the way issues are looked at and resolved.

We work, we inspire, we assist... as a community.


Continuous Development

Like a growing child, The TJ Robison Life Center broke group and continues to grow to this very day. Planning never stops at The TJ Robinson Life Center and we don't intend to ever stop. 

Throughout the years, we've identified areas where we could be useful, planned and executed to meet those areas. What started as a building has now become a true passion project that has branched out to become what The TJ Robinson Life Center is today. It is a haven, a lifeline, a remarkable feat of determination and utility. 

We just love helping, knowing what we do does make a significant difference in the lives of our people, and not just our people but everyone who has stepped through our doors, whether being an employee, a volunteer, a helping hand or a hand in need.

We are grateful, for our people, our supporters and our friends.

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