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Our Programs

Our Programs are specifically developed with the needs of our community in mind. For our community and by our community with volunteers that care about creating not only awareness but taking action to aid that awareness to become action.

We gear our efforts toward betterment, whether that betterment is assistance in childcare and child development, mental and physical awareness and aid of those in need or just being a part of each others lives, learning one from another, bridging everything from age gaps to gaps in current knowledge and learning which sincerely goes both ways from young to old and vice versa. 

Take a look at the programs offered by the TJ Robinson Life Center below.


Juvenile Diversion

(Future Program)

Influencing teenagers and young adults in making smart life decisions

We all passed through our teenage and young adult phase, it's not only a right of passage but it's also what molds the foundation of our life thereafter. 

Usually, stories of our teen years fills us with fond memories of adventures and experiences we will genuinely never forget, although we may remember the fondest of those memories, within those stories usually there is an underlying learning experience, something we come to know as wisdom in our later years.

Of course, we were having, we were living in the grandeur of our rebellions, basking in our youth and milking every waking day of it as we got older, had a lot more freedom and making choices, choices that came with both positive impact and consequences. 

For this very reason, The TJ Robinson Life Center has been developing the First Interaction / First Time Offender Juvenile Diversion Program, a program intended to help at-risk youths and young adults to develop positive and necessary life skills to steer these young people with making good decisions, creating healthy habits and developing skills that will aid them throughout the rest of their lives.


The First Interaction / First Time Offender Juvenile Diversion Program is a 24 hour course that assists the participants, usually comprising of the young adult and their parents or guardians, to engage in a curriculum that was designed to assist in conflict resolution, anger management and effective communication.

The program also includes an individual assessment that can help identify other areas of concern that can be distinguished and that can be addressed such therapy and/or rehabilitation.

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Veteran Program

(Future Program)

Supporting our military vets when duty becomes our responsibility

The T. J. Robinson Life Center is community based and is committed to ensuring that the sacrifices made by our veterans are not forgotten. Our “Bridging the Gap” Veterans Services are intended to reconnect the veterans that have transitioned from military service to the civilian sector, with life changing entitlements, including employment assistance; housing assistance; financial planning; transportation assistance; social networking; minor home repairs; meal preparation.

Veterans face many challenges, and our goal is to minimize the obstacles interfering with a deserving quality of life. We plan to provide personalized assistance through our proactive approach to identify the specific needs of each veteran.

If you are interested in being a volunteer for this program, please sign up here.

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Senior Engagement Program

Giving back the love and support that was given to us.

Our first words, our first experiences, our first memories are always filled with our parents, grandparents and guardians supporting us and teaching us as we were developing and growing up. Some of the best life advice and life lessons came from the months of the older generation of people that were in our lives.

I can remember when my grandfather used to take me to work on the shed out back and how I learned how to hold a hammer and nail properly through an experience that I can still feel in my fingers and with that, in turn, I learned to tap the nail and aim for the head of it instead of my fingernail. 

As we learned from these amazing individuals, they can now learn from us too, considering smart phones are about as old as this current generation is. 

Our seniors are people with experiences and stories that would fascinate even the youngest person and some of what young people have to say, show and teach can equally fascinate the older generation. Learning from one another can be the most important parts of our Senior Engagement Program and it never hearts to learn, it could impact everything in our lives.




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